Online Safety

Online safety is very important. Please review the following document and take it seriously.

Please also take a few minutes to check out the safety links at the bottom of this document.

We do not want you to be afraid, but we do want you to be aware, smart and safe while online. These tips go well beyond the Site.

Online Safety requirements based on Age

There is no requirement to become a Girls Games Member. You can discover games and enjoy game reviews without becoming one.

However, if you wish to become a Girls Games Member you need to be 13 years or older.

If you are under 13 years of age, please do not lie about your age. Within the Girls Games registration screen, you will be given the ability to alert your Parent to setup a Girls Games Parent Membership Account. She/he will be given that Parent Account option when they go through the standard Girls Games Account Registration process. You can then play with and through your Parent. This is intended for your safety and security. Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details. Please do not attempt to register for Girls Games directly or send any information about yourself to us.

We require that teens over the age of 13 but not yet 18, to first get their adult parent or guardian’s permission before posting any content on Girls Games; particularly, as it pertains to sending any information about themselves to anyone else on the Internet using the Girls Games Site and Service. The latter we advise all teens to be extremely cautious about (see more below). Girls Games requires that parents/guardians of teens, 13-18 years of age, supervise and take responsibility for their teen’s action while online through our Site and Service.

Third Party Games, Sites, and Services. External Services and Links.

A number of services and games appearing on Girls Games are provided by third parties or are external links to third parties. Many of them include their own (independent of Girls Games) third-party advertising (e.g., In Game Advertising) and other external (non-Girls Games related, not placed by Girls Games, etc.) links. In addition, Girls Games may intentionally opt to include or place links to other third party sites and services that are both game and nongame related. All of these third party games, sites, services, links and associated advertising are operated by companies that are outside of Girls Games control, and your activities with those games and services and at those sites will be governed by the policies and practices of those third parties. We encourage you to review the online safety and privacy practices of those third parties before disclosing any personally identifiable information, as Girls Games is not responsible for the online safety and privacy practices of those external third-party games, sites, links and services.

Despite Girls Games' safety and privacy controls, Girls Games cannot guarantee that its Site and Service is completely free of illegal, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate material, or that its members will not encounter inappropriate conduct from other members. Consequently, you may encounter such content and conduct. If you do please alert us by "flagging" the offending content (post).

Behaving Safe, Being Safe

We require that all Girls Games Site users review “Girls Games Community Guidelines.”

We need all users to report inappropriate behavior and content they encounter on Girls Games. We strongly encourage all Girls Games members under the age of 18 to talk to their adult parent/guardian immediately if someone posts something online that makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Some people online may pretend to be someone they are not in the real world. You should always be careful. It is extremely risky to meet anyone in person whom you don't previously (already) know in the real world. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT DO IT. If you are going to do it anyways, PLEASE, take your parent/guardian with you or at least let your parent/guardian know what you are doing, go with several friends, make sure any meeting is in a public area and make sure you and your friends bring your cell phones. Again we strongly recommend that you DO NOT DO IT; better to meet people through family and friends you know in real world, but if you are going to do it, please be smart about it and please keep your parents/guardians/friends in the loop. They love you!

Please remember to always follow these important safety tips when using Girls Games:

  • Be highly cautious about posting and sharing personal information, especially information that could be used to identify you or locate you offline, such as your address or telephone number
  • Never share your password with anyone
  • Report anyone that sends you unwanted or inappropriate communications
  • Report users and content that violate our Community and Safety Guidelines or Terms of Use

Where to Report:

Important Note: In order to provide members with desired social functionality, we integrate with popular third-party social services; e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, etc. We do not control those services – please report any issues on those services to those services.

If specific safety issue, please send to [email protected]

For Adult Parents and Guardians

Girls Games strongly urges parents and guardians to talk to their children about the dangers they may encounter online, and to make sure their children and teens are using Girls Games (any Site or online application) in a safe manner. Minors must know that they should report any inappropriate or offensive content to their parents/guardians and to Girls Games using the tools made available throughout the site. You can also do it here: [email protected] Parents/Guardians should always remind their children to follow the important safety tips listed on this page when using Girls Games. More information regarding Internet safety can be found on the following sites; we strongly recommend that you review with your child/teen: