Vacation Mogul

Vacation Mogul


Your Uncle died and stated in his will that you'll inherit ALL his real estate properties. So what will you do with hectares of vacant land? Vacation Mogul is a game where you can build your own vacation resort empire.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Vacation Mogul


Your rich uncle had passed away and left you the will to his land.


What will you do with thousands of ares of bare land?


Build a vacation resort perhaps?


Vacation Mogul allows you to build your own resort from one side of an island to another. You start off with just one spot and then expand all over the island and even to the other islands! 



The game isn't too difficult as the in-game tutorials do a good job guiding you through; just remember turn it on ;-).  Like in the real world, the timing of when you save and when you invest (your different business "moves") matter.


The best thing about the game for me was the variability of the the different missions at each level.  The games AI does not focus on only one aspect of your resort. I love this game because it seemed to find that sweet spot of not too hard and not too easy  -- just the right level of challenge to make mogul making fun.


I give this game 4 out of 5. May you get carried away in your own dreamy mogul making clouds as well.


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