Tropical Minion

Tropical Minion


Tropical Minion is a logic puzzle in which the minions have to deliver tasty fruits with a truck that matches it's color to the appropriate factory. This may sound easy, but the thing is, that once a road is used by one minion, it can't be used anymore by another. That being said, cutting across another route at junctions is of course still allowed. You still have to make sure to prevent crashes at those crossroads and more often than not, you have to think outside box and find different routes to solve a level. Are you able to beat not less than 40 tricky puzzles and deliver the fruits safely? Play Tropical Minion now and show the world, what you do to get a BANANA!

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Tropical Minion


Game: Tropical Minion     Reviewer: Sam B.

In Tropical Minion, you outline a route for the minion drivers in a way that they can pick up and drop off fruit in the assigned buckets. What makes this complicated is that there are restrictions on how the route goes as more drivers are added. While one minion can drive across another minion's route or share a junction with another minion, two minions can't go down the same path even if there is no chance of collision. This makes gameplay more complicated and challenging as the game goes on, leading to some difficult puzzles. It also cuts down on frustration by playing out where each minion whose path you've planned out will be while planning out another minion's route so you can avoid collisions. But while I'm still stumped on 15 out of 40, I find that the game is still enjoyable. Yes, it's frustrating to be stuck on a puzzle, but finding the solution just makes it more satisfying.

Overall, Tropical Minion is a challenging yet fun puzzle game. If you want a puzzle you can sink your teeth into, definitely give this a shot.


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