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The Sims Social


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Reviewer: Emily B.  Title: The Sims Social


It is an understatement to say that I am a dedicated fan of The Sims titles and all of their expansion packs for PC.  When I discovered they were making a Facebook version of the game, I was counting the days to release.  I was addicted from day one and I still play The Sims Social whenever I get a chance.  


Unlike previous Sims titles, you only play as one person in The Sims Social.  Given the depth and variety of the game this is not a biggie. There are infinite ways to keep yourself busy.  For example, you can interact with almost all of the objects in your home and you can give your character specific traits like “creative” or “bookworm.”  As you might intuit, giving your character certain traits influences how your character behaves throughout the game.  



A large part of the game involves building your character’s skills. If you want your character to be a skilled artist, you purchase an easel and start to practice your drawings.  If you want your character to be a skilled musician you buy a guitar and start to practice your chords.


Over time, the developers have added different types of skills; for example: athletic, driving, and special themed skills.  This game is light on quests, which is a good thing, because you spend a lot of your time building and decorating your primary house, guest house, and penthouse with new objects that are added each week.  You can’t decorate without money (called simoleons), though, which is where building skills becomes increasingly important.  The more skilled you are the more money you can make in your particular vocation. The Sims development team has also introduced a “jobs” feature, and although they play a minor role in the game, they do offers another ways for players to earn extra money.  If decorating your pad is not enough, there is also a full catalogue of clothing and accessories to make your avatar as unique and outrageous as you’d like.



The game has a challenging aspect because you spend the better part of your time making money to spend money, but I believe that’s part of its appeal.  I imagine the type of people that love some of my other recommended games will find that they love this one too.  The Sims will always hold a special place in my heart, introducing me to the simulation genre, and this free version is absolutely on par with the paid version in terms of richness and variety.


Update:  Good news for gamers who enjoy quests as a number of new quests have been introduced into the game recently. You do not need to complete them if you do not want to, but if you do, they usually yield huge rewards and rare items.





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Game Developer: Maxis
Game Publisher: Electronic Arts

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