Sweet Lolita

Sweet Lolita


Dress up your Sweet Lolita and see how she looks. Instructions: Its a click, drag and drop game. Also everything appears white, but you can turn on the color and color all your pieces of cloths yourself.

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Game Title: Sweet Lolita      Reviewer: Loleata P.


Okay, on an honest level, I checked this out because it basically has my name in it, just spelled differently. I have to say I am blown away by this dressup game. Lets pick it apart so you will know why!


Gameplay: Alright, as you start out, you have Lolita in just under garments and off to her right (peering at your screen it will be the left) you have little dials for hair, clothes (separated in tops, bottoms and dresses), shoes, and accessories. The coolest part about playing this after I got confused on why it was all white, and after some looking around, I saw this little thing above Lolitas head that said 'color.... off.' Now if you click the off, it will switch to 'On' and drop down a panel so you may begin to colorize the clothes that you have chosen.


The planning of this game had to have taken some time, knowing the player would probably have more fun doing the coloring of their own choice instead of already color-selected clothes. I think that is the part that separates this game from any other dressup I have ever played, and trust me, growing up I played tons of dressup games out of pure boredom. I'm sure we all have at some point.


Music/Art: The music is a cute little chiming of bells, a triangle here and there, and a whistle. It's so calming and yet exciting enough to create a wondrous atmosphere in order for you to enjoy the game. The art is delicate and interesting. Not too bright and not too dark, but in nice balance to allow you to take control of how you want Lolita to appear.


Rate: I would say a 5 out of 5 for the extra panel that allows you to color your own clothes. That is the best perk in this game. So everyone please comment, and thank you for playing!



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Sweet Lolita


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