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SimCity Social


This is a city building game where your goal is to grow population and keep your citizens happy, healthy and safe. You can work with other towns to achieve this, or you can plot against them by performing mean actions in their cities. Businesses, attractions, decorations and houses are just some of what you can build within this game. UPDATE: EA ... has retired "SimCity Social" but if you still thought it was great -- UPVOTE it! :-)

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Reviewer: Emily B.

I love building games and always have my eye out for the really good ones.  The SimCity series has always been one of my favorites, and they did not disappoint with this Facebook edition.  In an effort to reach a broader fan base, they have made SimCity Social less difficult to get started in the game than other SimCity editions.  For example, in SimCity Social you never need to worry about water or electricity for your buildings to function at all.   Serious Sim lovers need not fear however, as there are plenty of new Sim dandies is this Social edition that require your management prowess to architect well.  

I really enjoy the quests in SimCity Social, as they are interesting and involving but not over consuming.  I get so caught up in completing quests in other building games out there (e.g., CityVille or The Ville) that I sometimes find that I have little time to actually enjoy the primary game.  In SimCity Social I can spend a little time every day working on my city without worrying about all encompassing quests requirements; that said, if you do dedicate more time on the quests the narrative of the game gets deeper and you do level up faster.  The main quest is actually a series of smaller quests called “chapters”  which follow the lives of each character in the game and completing them will grant you access to buildings for which you would otherwise pay real money.

The best part of the game, of course, is designing and building your city.  The makers of SimSocial did a really good job with making buildings and other city elements look true-to-life.  This finely crafted realism informs your design and build choices helping you create cities that look neat.  A few hints... do not overlook adding decorations and attractions; more than aesthetic value, these items will boost the populations in the houses they border.  This in turn will increase sales for new businesses you place within those communities.  Remember factories produce materials and businesses produce money—these two facets allow you to expand your city, upgrade buildings, and buy expensive landmarks, all of which give YOUR city a unique quality.

SimCity Social is well supported.  The creators have consistently upgraded the game -- adding buildings and quests to further players enjoyment.  I’ve been playing this game from its release and it has only gotten better with time.  Enjoy!


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SimCity Social


Game Developer: Maxis
Game Publisher: Electronic Arts

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