Shopping Lily

Shopping Lily


The sunny days are perfect for a little shopping tour and Lily is all set for the walk in the city in this stylish dress up game. Pick one of the colorful settings and give Lily a fresh makeover. Help her to dress up and choose your favorite dress among beautiful dresses, tops, bottom, hairstyles and shoes. Finish her look by selecting cute accessories and create the perfect style for a great shopping day!

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Shopping Lily


Title: Shopping Lily  Reviewer: Megan H.

Paper doll and dress up games always draw me in as they are simple and quick way to have some fun.

Shopping Lily succeeds in providing DuPers with many Hairstyles, Hair Color, Clothing and  Background choices.  Gamers can choose among 18 different Hairstyles options and they are all very different from each other. Hair Color options are even more varied, from natural colorings to wild alternative colors like sea foam green and bright red. I choose to go with a really pretty dark blue.

I also enjoyed the variety of clothing options, many different tops and bottom combinations, as well as coats that fit over the clothing choices. Ample number of Backgrounds to choose from as well as you can see in my screen grab above I liked the loft background best. 

Where Lily let me down was primarily in skin tone selection.  I mean I know the game is titled Lily, but that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be “Lily-white.”  Hey Devs! Please give us some diversity of skin tones to choose from.  It is bit of a “no comprendo” situation on skin tone, as the category features a paper doll with a dark complexion, but the in-game options only allow gamers to choose from various degrees of “whiteness.”  If I missed something on this front, please correct me in the Disqus comments below. 

Accessories also can be improved. While the accessories category had fifteen options overall, there was not much to choose from within items; there were only about three different glasses or bags to choose from.

Overall, Shopping Lily is an above average DuP in terms of variety, but I encourage the developers to go further with their next Lily installment.  Chow!

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