Salon Slacking

Salon Slacking


Salon Slacking features twelve mini games in the typical slacking games style. Anna has landed the perfect job within a hairdressing salon. She has to tidy up the salon but she also helps out to cut and dye hair and even does the make-up and chooses the accessories for her customers. Will they love their new look? Or will Anna’s slacking get her into trouble? Help her out and make sure the customer doesn’t catch Anna slacking off. If the customers pays attention you will get noticed by a huge exclamation mark on the screen and you should stop slacking immediately. The game features beautiful graphics and an infectious soundtrack. Play Salon Slacking now for free! With the different mini games fun is guaranteed for hours and hours.

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Salon Slacking


Game: Salon Slacking     Reviewer: Sam B.

Salon Slacking is basically one game with twelve minigames to complete. Of course, the catch is that you need to complete them without the client catching on; an exclamation point will let you know when the client is getting suspicious and at that point you need to close out of the activity or it's game over. The games themselves range from simple stuff like placing objects in outlines or drinking a cocktail to a bit more complex like pressing buttons in a certain order to braid hair.

I had fun with all the games (though I question how activities like cutting and styling hair in a salon would count as slacking), but there were two that gave me trouble. One involved styling three girls' hair, but what it didn't say was that you have to wait for an arrow to appear over a girl's head before you can style it. That was something I wished the instructions would've imparted. The second one involved putting balls into their corresponding cups. This was has a couple bugs in it that made it somewhat frustrating. There were points I'd try to click on one ball, but end up carrying another. And then I'd drag the ball to it's corresponding cup, but it wouldn't go it. I still managed to complete this game on my fourth playthrough, but it is pretty annoying.

Aside from these (relatively minor) complaints, I enjoyed Salon Slacking. As long as you don't get too hung up on the game's bugs, it should be fun for you, too, if you like these kinds of games.
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