In the educational game, Questionaut, players are taken on a journey through various locations that offer questions in unique subjects. The player must first point-and-click their way to the opening question, and then they answer questions based upon the subject of the scene. The goal is to fill your hot air balloon so that you may travel across the strange world, answering interesting questions along the way.

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Reviewer:  Emily B.

Educational games are a great way to have fun while learning, but a lot of these games fall short in the area of actual entertainment value.  Questionaut is my very favorite game in this genre because of its immersive graphics and unique gameplay.

When I first entered the game, it took me a minute to realize exactly what I was doing.  As it turns out, Questionaut mixes the genre of point-and-click within its main function of educating its players.  Before you even have the option of answering questions, you must first get the characters to interact with you.  To do this, you usually have to figure out what is distracting them and get rid of it.  You need to answer questions, next, and correct responses add fuel to your hot air balloon so that you may travel to the next level. 

In the first location, a man is so enthralled with his book that he has little time for your trivial balloon problems.  I clicked off his light to make it too dark to read, but this fellow was very persistent about immediately turning it back on.  I then noticed that there was an outlet below him where the lamp was plugged in, so I unplugged it from the source.  He tapped the light a few times, and when he came to figure out that it was broken (surely it had nothing to do with the looming Questionaut who had been turning his light off again and again), I suddenly had his full attention.

The man asked me questions about writing and reading, and every correct answer helped me fill my balloon with a little bit of fuel.  Whether I answered correctly or not, though, he always explained the reasoning behind each answer.  Many games simply buzz you if your wrong without explanation, but Questionaunt always helps you understand the entire question and answer.

Questionaut has beautiful, whimsical graphics with an incredibly charming atmosphere.  I enjoyed answering the questions just to see what location I would visit next.  The questions vary in difficulty, and their subjects range from math, English, and science.  Throughout the entire game, I was never presented with the same question twice, which is a huge benefit to educational games when it comes to replayability.  If you are looking for a game with high marks in both visual beauty and education quality, Questionaut will keep you engaged the whole way through.


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Game Developer: Amanita Design
Game Publisher: BBC

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