Papa's Pancakeria

Papa's Pancakeria


Serve the meal as close to the original recipe as possible in the fastest time. The tips that you receive are be based on accuracy and time taken. You have a target amount of money you need to progress to get to the next level.


Reviewer:  J.J.

Need a new job? Why not grill, build, and serve up some yummy pancakes at Papa's Pancakeria?

You have the choice in the beginning between selecting Cooper or Prudence, who are each starting a job at the local pancakeria. There are three stations that you have to alternate between to serve the hungry customers: the order station, grill station, and build station.

The customer will place an order the first station. Take multiple orders at once to save yourself some time! Then, drag each list to the rope above and get ready to start cooking up some pancakes.

At the grill station, your job is to cook the pancakes to perfection.  The timer tells you how long to cook each pancake. Undercooked or overcooked pancakes won't make your customers happy at all. A handy tool is the “boost” feature which you can use to heat up the stove and grill faster.

Finally, you add delicious toppings like butter and syrup at the building station. Sloppiness won't do here! Spread the toppings evenly across the pancake.

When you have served all the customers for the day, you will get a percentage of overall service quality based on how long the customer waits, how well you grilled the pancake and how well you added the toppings. The game ranks you from “Newbie” to “Trainee.” If you get a high score, you can show it off  to your friends online!

Paychecks and tips are used for upgrades, furniture, and decorations. Many of the upgrades are pretty useful, especially the grill alarm to let you know when the pancakes were finished. Playing the mini games in between levels is also a great way to score some extra points, tips, or even items for your store.

The best thing about the game is the fact that it never gets repetitive and boring. You will There are always new challenges, new foods to be unlocked, and more items to learn to use. I found that when I got a hankering for flipping flapjacks, only Papa's Pancakeria could satisfy.


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Game Developer: Flipline Studios
Game Publisher: Armor Games

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