One More Sushi

One More Sushi


Stack sushi and try to build the tallest sushi tower ever! Enjoy sweet graphics, 11 different sushi types and arcade mechanic that won't let you get bored!

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One More Sushi


Game: One More Sushi     Reviewer: Sam B.

In One More Sushi, players drop and stack sushi up as high as they can in a minute. You start off with stacks of five, but as pieces drop off the number of sushi dropped decreases and the speed in which the hand carrying the sushi travels across the screen increases. This means the player needs to balance out speed with precision in order to stack the sushi high.

The game is a lot of fun, especially when it gets hectic near the end. The visuals are nice and the music is decent, though the track does get repetitive pretty quick. Luckily there's a mute button for that. So if you have a minute or two to spare, this may be the game for you.
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