This game is a fantasy animal simulation where you raise and care for different pets. You can help them explore, play games, build a home, battle, and much more. You get items through many shops in Neopia, earning coins through fun games.


Reviewer:  Emily B.

I have been playing Neopets since I was in middle school, and I can’t say enough great things about it.  Neopets is basically a metagame disguised as a pet simulation.  What I mean by this is that Neopets is setup as an overarching pet simulation game framework, but the majority of play happens within this framework, with a number of non-pet specific “in game, games”  (a.k.a., games within games). Many of these “in-game games” are not directly related to raising a pet, except for the fact that they can help you earn money to pay for pet items.   

After sifting through pages and pages of a website that makes Neopets feel like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, you really get down to the kibbles and bits of the game.  There has to be a way to earn money to keep your pets happy and healthy, right?

In an effort to make money to support your pets, you can always purchase your own store and start selling products, but that can sometimes take more time than your pets are willing to wait; after all, they just want a tuna sandwich :-).  In the beginning, Instead of purchasing your own store and selling products to make money, I suggest you start making money by playing the different in-game games.  Don’t worry these are not just mini games.  These are full browser games that actually involve skill.  There are matching games, action games, hidden object games, and so much more.  They are all in the peppy Neopian theme, and you can play all of them for free.  

Take the coins you earn from these in-game games and visit the many pre-existing stores.  You will find there is no shortage of things you can procure; everything from varieties of pet food and pet clothing to rare magical items, including rare mystical animal breeds. You can even get pets for your pets!  Though your pets don’t actually move in the game, the hundreds of choices you get to make for them more than make up for it.  Like getting your new Wocky those space trooper leggings he has been eyeing all week!


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Game Developer: Nickelodeon Games
Game Publisher: Nickelodeon Games

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