Momma's Diner

Momma's Diner


Manage your mom’s diner while she’s away and make her proud by making it the best restaurant in town. Take customers’ orders and serve it to them before they lose patience. A fun and exciting management game you’ll surely love.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Momma's Diner


Momma’s Diner allows you to manage your mother’s restaurant in a minimal amount of time. Your task is to assign seats to customers, get their orders, have it prepared by the chef, serve the food, hand them the check, clean the table, and hope to get paid for a satisfactory service.


But unlike other restaurant games, Momma’s Diner has two workers moving – you and the chef. The chef behind the counter (or inside the kitchen) can also wait tables but only by the counter. Also, the great thing about this game is that you can easily upgrade or add cooking machines.



The downside, though, is with its graphics. When you play it through your browser, the game screen seems too small. You’ll even find a hard time reading the instructions.


Overall, aside from the visual design, Momma's Diner is fun, exciting, and really worth playing. Do you agree with this review? Let's Disqus about it below.


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Momma's Diner


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Game Publisher: Sport223

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