Mixed World Weekend

Mixed World Weekend


Mixed World Weekend is the much-anticipated successor of the most-popular Mixed World that introduced a genre cross-over between platform and puzzle games. In each level you have to throw the red monsters off the platforms while making sure none of your cute creatures falls off. All of your creatures have different abilities that will help you to reach your goal. They can slide over brittle stones to shove the grumpy critters out of the way, grab somebody with a sticky tongue or even jump up in the air and fire a bolt of energy that can be used to destroy walls. Play Mixed World Weekend now for free! With some planning you will be able to finish the game and unlock cool achievements!

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Mixed World Weekend


Game: Mixed World Weekend     Reviewer: Sam B.

Cute critters mix with platforming and puzzles in Mixed World Weekend. A simple objective -- knock the red critters off the platforms while making sure the others don't fall off -- gets more and more complicated as new critters -- both red and other colors -- are added with different abilities and behaviors, new features such as portals are added, and platforms are mixed up. So as levels progress, the player needs to think more and more about how they will proceed. The faster they complete a level, the more points they get.

I enjoyed this game a lot. All the critters are adorable and have personalility, the graphics are charming, and the game itself was challenging without being frustrating. I'm still stuck on a level (the one pictured above), but it's probably because I haven't found the solution yet. Great game, definitely recommend!
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