Lucky Supermarket

Lucky Supermarket


Stack up your shelves and get ready for a wave of customers to come in and buy from your supermarket! Expand your store and sell more goods to earn more coins.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Lucky Supermarket


Don't just work for a supermarket; own it! Lucky Supermarket is one amazing game on Facebook that is really easy to play but doesn't get boring.


In this game, you need to manage your supermarket. The immediate goal of the game is to make sure that you have enough stocks to serve your customers. At first, you only have a few shelves so there are also just a few stocks to mind. However, as the game progresses and as your supermarket expands, you need to cater to the growing needs of your customers. Some customers will look for frozen goods and desserts (i.e. popsicles as seen in the image below) and some for sports equipment (i.e. table tennis or ping pong racket as also seen in the image).


Another challenge is how to layout your supermarket, eg. the aisles and pathways. This is controled by tiles and they either go forward, left, or right as indicated on the tile. The tile direction is the only direction that your customers will follow when shopping. Hence, you need to create stores aisles in such a way that customers will really pass by every shelf. Because even if the customer is only aiming to buy, say, an apple, she will surely grab other items once she pass by them. You earn more that way, too.



The only problem I had with this game is that you can only serve to a limited number of customers in a given time. For example, the moment you open the app on Facebook, you can serve up to 15 customers only. However, the good thing is it does replenish or recharged after a certain amount of time. So you will need to come back when there are more customers to serve.


Overall, Lucky Supermarket is a lot of fun in my book!


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