Hidden Object Hunt

Hidden Object Hunt


The beautiful hidden object game Apothecarium - Renaissance of Evil is back with the second chapter of the mystic journey. Strange things have been found underneath the city. Things that might hold the key for unbelievable good or unspeakable evil. In each level you need to find some objects from the huge pile of stuff that is cluttering the space. While some of the things you have to find are easy to find you will run into problems from time to time to find everything. But worry not, you can always choose to use a magic hint that will get you back into the game in no time. Play Apothecarium Chapter II now for free and enjoy the fantastic graphics, a dense atmosphere, the exciting story line and of course the challenging puzzles!

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Hidden Object Hunt


Reviewer: Sam B.     Game: Hidden Object Hunt

I should be upfront and say that I'm not a huge fan of hidden object games. It's just not a genre I enjoy. So with that stipulation, how does Hidden Object Hunt hold up? It's... okay.

The best parts of this game is its appearance and music. The visuals are very nice to look at and the music is more epic sounding than it has a right to be. But the game itself has some issues plaguing it. The game is a basic hidden object game, challenging you to find certain objects before time runs out. What works against it is the names of the items. Some of the names are misleading, which can lead to frustration if you don't know what object the game is referring to. For example, there's a dagger and a knife, the former looking more like a cutlass than a dagger. There's also a tiara that looks more like a brooch. Other objects disappear into the background or are hidden behind other objects so well you'd have to look closely to find them which will probably be worse for you than me if you have impaired vision. You can use the spyglass in the corner to highlight an object you're looking for, but it takes five seconds off your search time so it shouldn't be used last second. Also, I don't think a hint should be used if you have no idea what the object's supposed to look like in the first place.

Even though I don't play a lot of hidden object games, I can tell this one has a few problems it needs to work out. Which is a shame because I like the visuals and music and, while I haven't seen much of the story, I'm interested in what it has to offer.


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