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Hero Clicker


Hero Clicker is an highly addictive endless game in the tradition of Cookie Clicker. The premise of the game is really simple: Alone or with your party you have to fight increasingly strong monsters. The gold you earn for slaying said monsters can be invested in upgrading your heroes, unlocking new party members or in hiring workers that earn you money even when you are not playing. But you will be playing. A lot. Just like with Cookie Clicker you go for one more upgrade, one more achievement. And then one more and suddenly a new day dawns and you are not quite sure how this happened. Play Hero Clicker now for free! Are you able to unlock all the achievements?

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Hero Clicker


Game: Hero Clicker     Reviewer: Sam B.

It says a lot that I lost track of time while playing this, looked at the clock, and thought "one more go won't hurt." Like Cookie Clicker, Hero Clicker is extremely addictive and a lot of fun. You go through dungeons, clicking on enemies to defeat them, until your party is defeated. Once you're back at camp, you can upgrade and/or recruit new heroes and hire/upgrade workers to get gold while you're not playing. The biggest downside is that your hand WILL hurt after a prolonged period of time; at some point, I stopped cursing when the ads would come up in the middle of a fight and began to see them as a blessing as they allowed my hand to rest for a bit.

Hero Clicker is great when you just want to waste an hour or two, but don't go overboard or you may get a cramp.


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