Fugitive Sparrow

Fugitive Sparrow


In the fast paced action Fugitive Sparrow it isn’t the sky that falls on the little birdy. Instead there are huge boxes falling down that could crush the poor little thing. The player controls the bird and tries to avoid the boxes and by moving the bird to save area once the icon on top of the screen indicates an incoming box. Sometimes there is candy falling from the sky and you should try to collect this candy. Don’t get greedy because no candy is worth not only losing the game but also getting smashed to death by one of the boxes. Play Fugitive Sparrow now for free and take good care of birdy!

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Fugitive Sparrow


Game: Fugitive Sparrow     Reviewer: Sam B.

Fugitive Sparrow is a fast-paced arcade game where you need to dodge blocks falling from the sky and collect as much candy as possible. The longer a round goes on, the more blocks that fall and the more frequently they fall. While you can stay in one place and only move occasionally early on, later in the game you have to constantly move in order to survive. Getting a certain amount of candy will allow you to start right where you left off if you die, but I've found that the amount of candy needed keeps increasing and I never have enough to revive. 


Aside from the revival issue, my only complaint about the game is the repetitive music, though that's more personal taste than any actual flaws in the game. It's still a lot of hectic fun.
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