Frozen: Block Party

Frozen: Block Party


From Disney's hit and Oscar-winning animation, Frozen: Block Party is one game that is surely (and will be) a huge hit!


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Frozen: Block Party


Frozen: Block Party is a game that will surely be a huge hit; not only because it is benchmarked from a hit, Oscar-winning animated movie, but also because the game is fun and challenging with powerfully simple and smart game mechanics.


In this game, you need to help Kristoff and Sev sell blocks of ice to the Kingdom of Arendelle. Your goal is to collect blocks of ice by following the shapes and/or patterns shown in the game. Once you have enough ice, you need to place them strategically in Sven's sleigh. The ice will be delivered once the sleigh is full and you will earn coins for your effort. These coins can be used to buy upgrades and map expansion in the Oaken's shop.



I love this game. I may not be a huge Frozen fan, but the game is simple yet not boring. I had fun collecting blocks and putting them on Sven's sleigh. I also love the look of the game. There's no extra and complicated animations; just pure great gameplay and excellently rendered graphics.


I give this game 4 out of 5. Go ahead and play Frozen: Block Party and share your thoughts with community.


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