Drop Wizard

Drop Wizard


It’s magic versus bunnies in this enchanted world. Which side will come out on top?

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Game Title: Drop Wizard      Reviewer: Mikayla R.


This platformer is magical in everyway--especially game mechanics!


Gameplay: At first, Drop Wizard looks like a simple platformer. Then, you meet the game mechanics. It's called "Drop" Wizard for a reason, and it's vital for your survival to drop, drop, drop as fast as you can! Enemies exist on every platform, and your magic only works when you drop onto a new platform, so that's a small window of attack you don't want to lose. Once you destroy enemies, who are deceptively cute I must say, they roll around the small map and suddenly turn into fruit. Collect the fruit and obtain your reward!


I have to say, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this game! It quickly became an addictive race and puzzle to figure out how to drop on each enemy, fall through the pit at the bottom, and return to the top to wreak more pixelated havoc. The learning curve was a bit difficult, but just like the game, fast-paced so the tools became intuitive before they got annoying. Level 2 was also surprisingly hard for being so close the begining of the game, but that wrinkle irons out after fun, amazing play throughs of later levels. Let's just say, the challenge is real, and that is FANTASTIC.  


Art/Music: The art hearkens back to a classic SNES era games like the first Mario or Metroid--and I LOVE IT. It's difficult to do so in this style, but the character "drop wizard" is memorable, sweet, and still maintains great animation throughout his block-styled movements. Even his little star attack has the same sweet charm, and it's only enhanced by the bright values of the background. But for all that, this game really got me at the music. The tune also hearkens back to video games' early period, and it's unique, poppy, ubeat and adventurous tune is reminscent of the instantly desirable Legend of Zelda series--with its own twist, of course. That music had me grinning through the entire experience, a rare thing I assure you.    


I hesitate to say this next part, since I hardly ever give out 5 stars to a game, but I honestly can't think of anything I didn't like about it. Though the second level seemed a bit too hard for that early in the game, it was a minor inconveniance, so it shouldn't be reflected in it's grading.


That said, I MUST give this game a 5 out of 5 stars for great, challenging gameplay, adventurous music, and memorable art style. Let us know what you think in the comments below! We love to hear from you.




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