Dream Room Makeover

Dream Room Makeover


Dream Room Makeover is the latest edition of the popular Room Makeover game. You bought an old magnificent house with a enormous garden but it needs to be renovated. Start by throwing the trash in the bin then use the sponge and the mop to clean the room. After this, use the hammer to fix all the broken items. Doesn’t it feel more cozy already? To make it truly your home, use your sense of style to select the furniture and the wallpaper for each room. Oh and don’t forget to renovate the garden as well! With stunning graphics and brand new furniture, your dream of having your own house will come true. What are you waiting for? Play Dream Room Makeover now for free!

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Dream Room Makeover


Reviewer: Sam B.     Game: Dream Room Makeover

Good news! You've gotten a new house! Bad news is that it's a mess. You'll have to get the place cleaned up before decorating it. Dream Room Makeover follows a simple set of steps. First, you pick up all the trash in a room. Next, you clean it up, mopping up puddles, cleaning grime, and fixing furniture. Finally, you pick out the furniture and wallpaper for the room and move on to the next. This is repeated for all five levels.

There's definitely a sense of satisfaction to be gained when going from a wreck to something relatively nice, though the gameplay can get a little repetitive. Still, it's short so the repetitiveness doesn't overstay its welcome. I do have three critiques, however. First, clean up can get confusing because some things require a specific tool, but the game doesn't always say which tool works on which part. For instance, both the sponge and the roller tool can be used to clean up the walls, but aside from arrows that sometimes point to spots to clean with a selected tool it can get frustrating when you try working on one spot only to find that the tool you thought would work wouldn't. The other tools like the hammer and mop are at least obvious enough as to what they're used for. The second is that the cleaning is finnicky. You have to move the mouse around on an area until you get a star indicating that the mess is cleaned up. But sometimes it takes longer than it should to clean one stain, which makes the entire process more frustrating. The third is that the decorating section is too short. You can only pick out two pieces of furniture and the wallpaper and even the selections for those is small. After spending so much time cleaning up, it doesn't feel as rewarding to decorate.

Overall, Dream Room Makeover is a nice diversion, but not something you'll likely get too into or even play again. Still, it's decent enough.
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