Discolors is a clever brain teaser game where the player has to fill polygons with corresponding colors by dragging them from an already filled polygon. Sometimes the needed colors are not on the board and the player has to mix colors. This is achieved by dragging a color to a polygon of another color. Red and Yellow mix to orange, blue and yellow mix to green and so on. What makes the puzzles even harder is the fact that you should use as few moves as possible. Can you fill out all polygons with the correct color and use only one move? Play Discolors now for free and find out!

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Game: Discolors     Reviewer: Sam B.

The objective of Discolors is to complete shapes while making sure outlines are filled with their corresponding colors. Scores are decided based on how few strokes the player uses to complete the puzzles. It gets more complicated later on as secondary colors are added, which can only be made by mixing two primary colors. This adds another level of strategy to the game and gets players to think about how they'll fill the primary dots without accidentally making a secondary color.

I found Discolors to be pretty challenging at points. While there is a hint you can use to determine how to finish the puzzle, the hints are limited. You can get more hints by watching a video from a sponsor, but I preferred to just use my brain to figure out the solutions. Definitely fun for those who want brain teasers.
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