Coco Girl

Coco Girl

Expand your closet with different outfits and mix and match them for the right and proper event. Coco Girl is every girl’s dream fashion game making you feel like a total fashion expert.

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Reviewer: Cherie G.    Title: Coco Girl


Any girl who loves clothes and fashion would love this game the moment they start creating that avatar. The choices of styles and colors are so perfect; you don’t want to just pick one.


Coco Girl is probably one of those games that girls would love to play around. There are a lot of choices for hair and make-up and even more choices among shops and clothes. The graphics of the game is also so crisp; it’s fun to switch from one look to another.



You can also join some fashion contests and dress-up for special occasions and events


The only downside I can point out from this game is the constant need to purchase to achieve goals. There’s no other way to earn rubies (currency in the game) than to probably sell clothes or win goals. However, both are quite difficult to come by. Plus, the clothing items inside the stores are too expensive that you’re left to settle with the cheap and less fashionable clothes. Also, there are clothes which would require spending real money (buying dollars using your Facebook credits, credit card, etc.) which is actually not worth it.


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Coco Girl


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