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Clash Royale


Clash Royale is a real-time tower defense game where the world of Clash of Clans in inextricably meshed with it. It takes skill -and some luck- to win matches, but to be frank it is a game that I really enjoy, and have kept faithfully on Sheryl (my phone) for a while now.


Game:  Clash Royale   Reviewer:  Isaac S.

Clash Royale is currently (as of Oct. 2016) sitting on top of the leaderboards at the App Store. I was skeptical about trying it out. The developer, Supercell, delivered a smash hit with Clash of Clans and I had my doubts about whether Clash Royale would/could stack-up? ... and was it worth my time to find out?

Yes! Clash Royale is a real-time tower defense game and the world of Clash of Clans is inextricably integrated within it.  Winning matches requires both skill and luck.

The matches are fast-paced; normally lasting about four minutes if both players are equally skilled. You play by using cards you’ve collected; these cards “summon” specific characters who, when activated, will try to run down the opposing team's crown towers and eventually their king tower. Certain card activated characters will also attack your enemies characters; i.e. not just the towers. Your crown towers will also shoot at enemies independently, when in range. Destroy a single enemy crown tower and you win one crown.  Destroy your enemies king tower and you win three crowns and the match.
To Supercell’s credit, they have made this game exciting for free players as well as those willing/able to pay for premium cards.  If you're tight on cash you can still compete as non-paying player.  I've done it.  As "free-player," I have found some surprisingly good cards and strategically played them to beat players holding premium cards. A deck is comprised of 8 cards of varying rarity and cost.  Cards can be collected through chests won in-game, or over time by winning 10 crowns in battle. There are also free chests that spawn every four hours, so when I wake up in the mornings I make a point of claiming my free cards.  I recommend you do the same as I snagged my first and only legendary card from a free chest. (Ha!)

Although I enjoy the game, I do have a few pet peeves.  If I play a minion and it is supposed to attack another enemy minion, it stands to reason that my minion should attack the enemy until he is dead. That’s not what happens; my minion attacks only to the point of weakening the other minion and then strolls off.  Presumably, this is because my tower is set to auto-finish the weakened enemy minion off.  However, this common situation also leaves the enemy minion with the opportunity to hit my tower one more time, which sometimes is enough to decide the game in my enemies favor.  Finish the job Minions!

Making fewer lame "win -conditions” would also help.  For example, players can win a match simply by weakening an enemy’s crown tower and then delaying meaningful battles until the game goes moves into overtime.  Once in overtime, the first player to destroy an enemies crown wins. Thus, instead of decisively winning the battle on the battlefield, “cheeky” players can stall, wait until overtime pops, and then fire a cheap shot at a weakened tower and win the whole match.  Oy!

These annoyances aside, I have yet to remove the app from my beloved “Sheryl” (a.k.a. my mobile phone) -- which is why my rating for this game will come as no surprise: I give the game a solid 4.5 out of 5 and would definitely recommend it to a friend.


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Game Developer: Supercell
Game Publisher: Credits listed within the game or not provided.

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