Chrono Days Sim Date

Chrono Days Sim Date


Travel to the past and the future on a search for true love and meet seven handsome men along the way. Which one will you choose?


Game Title: Chrono Days Sim Date    Reviewer: Mikayla R.


In this romantic adventure, the player has thirty days to discover where she belongs—in the past or the future—and whom her heart belongs to.


Summary: You play as character Saige (though the name can be changed), a girl who gets stuck in the past when a watch and a time portal suck her one hundred years into history. She’s discovered by Nathan, a clock-maker, gentleman, and possible love interest, and there she stays with him until she obtains a new time-traveling watch that she then uses to pass from past to future. As the player travels between both worlds, new character are discovered, and new romantic paths are opened. 


Overall Experience: If the bouncy, fun background music didn’t set the stage for the romantic adventure, the opening cinematic and art style sure do. Add to that detailed backstories for each of the handsome, seven love interests, as well as exciting puzzles used to unlock new characters, and this game has a little something for everyone.


This game’s drawbacks are few and far between, but while the animation is bright, fun, and certainly easy on the eyes, it can be stiff at times. Once you get used to the lack of arm movement, this annoyance is easily overlooked, and the story scenes more than make up for any stiff


Part of a series of excellent date simulation games by deviantart’s talented Pacthesis, “Chrono Days Sim Date” offers an array of experiences for the romantic player. From the basic setting mechanic—moving from past to future with the help of a sci-fi-esque wrist watch—to the love interests’ varied backstories, this fantastic indie game has a little something for every girl with a heart ready to love. This makes a solid 3.5 out 5 stars for backstory and story mechanics, but takes a bit of a blow from the stiff animation and occasionally juvenile dialogue.


These minor inconveniences aside, this game is a true gem, enjoyable and available for all with an open heart. Is your heart open?  


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Chrono Days Sim Date


Game Developer: Pacthesis
Game Publisher: Pacthesis

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