This is a medieval building simulation game; leaning heavy on multiplayer Internet social. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the gloom created by the evil wizard Faugrim, meeting and saving new characters from peril in the process. You can create many different items to help you along the way, working to create the ultimate kingdom for your subjects.

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Reviewer: Emily B.


When I decided to revisit the realm of Facebook games, Castleville was the first one I tried.  I was hooked.  There have been others that have come and gone, but this title is one I have stuck with from the beginning.  I was first drawn in by the vitality of the characters and environmental graphics, which brought new life to the ville series.


The game begins with a few little chickens on your screen surrounded by crumbled walls and an expanse of forest all around.  I saw an immediate change from the graphics in their other titles because the little guys were wondering around the screen without the limitation of stationary animation. This also applies to every other animal and character that wonders about your kingdom, giving the game a realistic ambiance.  Coupled with the cartoony art and humor, I simply fell in love with the general atmosphere.



My favorite aspect of the game, though, is the non-playable characters.  You cannot control their actions, but the quests revolve around them.  As you move more in-depth into the game, more people are introduced to your kingdom.  They always come with various problems or desires, and they offer huge rewards if you help them out. This can be anything from energy potions to special buildings that you cannot purchase from the market.  Characters like Raphael and Yvette and the progression of their romantic side story are played through quests.  There are so many different stories to follow that I sometimes get caught up in the fairy tale realm, working hard to complete quests just so I can see what happens next in the story. Castleville is charming and thoughtful, packed full with engaging characters and notable quests.   With age, this game has stayed true to its casual role in social simulations, keeping things interesting without being tedious.





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Game Developer: Zynga
Game Publisher: Facebook

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