Bug On A Wire

Bug On A Wire


Help the bug run across the electric wires without running into the birds whom are VERY hungry for a bug snack! Instructions: To have the bug jump from wire to wire hold and press the space bar at the same time with the arrow keys in the direction to avoid the hungry birds.


Game Title:  Bug On A Wire      Reviewer: Loleata P.


This game is about a bug that runs on a wire, avoiding hungry birds!


Gameplay: As you play you get to only control the jumping from wire to wire by holding and pressing the space bar along with the arrow keys to avoid the birds. It may not seem like a lot of fun, but it tests hand and eye coordiniation. See if you can prove your skill!


Music/Art: Art isn't the greatest, kinda pixely and choppy, but the music is fast paced to define the urgency of how the bug doesn't want to be devoured by the birds.


Rate: I rate this a 2 out 5. Simply because its a simple game of a bug running an electric wire. Only way to get it to move is by using the space bar and the arrow keys. I didn't find this out until I started testing buttons during gameplay. First it just mentions the arrow keys, and if you loose, to press the space bar to continue. So a little information left out. Please comment, and thanks for playing!



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Bug On A Wire


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