Be the captain of your own plane. Travel in different parts of the world. Fly passengers, cargoes, and trade in the market to earn more.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Aviator


If you dreamed of becoming a pilot, then Aviator is a perfect game for you. It does not only show what a pilot does; it goes beyond flying, fixing, and upgrading your plane.


You, the player, take the place of an aspiring pilot. You’re given an initial 6-seater plane wherein you can board passengers, carry cargoes, or transport market items. You also have a map to initially work on. The great thing about the game is you can expand your flight destinations by earning certificates and permits to fly to different parts of the map. Same thing is also needed to have a direct flight from one destination to the other.


All of the above costs virtual money to get going; and that is just for starters.  You need to buy fuel for each trip and regularly upgrade and repair your plane.  If you want to setup a popular airport (who doesn't :)) you need to shell out even more to buy the land, etc.   Fortunately, you can earn money in three primary ways: 1) transport passengers to their desired destination, 2) carry cargo, and 3) engage in "market" activities, eg: buy, transport, and ship market items; invest in stocks, etc. 


There are also special missions in the game, as theses are not "usual trips" they provide opportunity to earn more money then normal.


I love this game. I enjoyed transferring trips and alternating the purpose of my flight. I also got into the "market" and really kept an eye out for the rise and fall of different product prices. The only thing that I didn't like about the game is that the missions often fall short. For example, I had a mission where I needed to transport 20 mangoes to the market only to find out that there are only 19 stocks of mangoes. I fell short with just 1 stock and I need to wait for stocks to be refreshed -- several hours.


Other than that, the overall game was good and enjoyable. So for that, I give it 4 out of 5. Play the game and share what you think.  Worthy of an GirlsGames.com UpVote?


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