2020! Jelly Time

2020! Jelly Time


2020! Jelly Time is the latest edition of the successful puzzle game 2020. In 60 challenging and fun levels, your mission is to fill the horizontal and vertical lines with the jelly shapes to clear the line and reach your target score. Be aware not to lose the level by running out of moves before reaching the goal. This game doesn’t only have a jelly theme but also has boosters which will help you if you are ever stuck. The cool boosters are changing shapes, clear one field, clear one type and clear a whole area. With its beautiful interface and engaging levels, you will not stop playing 2020 Jelly Time until you finish it. Show off your skills in this challenging and fun puzzle game. Play 2020 Jelly Time now for free!

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2020! Jelly Time


Game: 2020! Jelly Time     Reviewer: Sam B.

2020! Jelly Time reminded me a lot of Tetris, in that you need to stack blocks and fill rows (or columns) to clear them while making sure you don't run out of space to fill. Of course, Jelly Time plays differently in that you have a blank board that you fill with different-shaped jellies at your leisure. The pro of this is that you can take your time strategizing and figuring out which will go where. The con is that it doesn't have the same hectic energy that Tetris has, as well as the added challenge. Not to say that Jelly Time is easy; there were points where I ran out of moves because the jelly shape I was hoping for didn't come up. But when that happens, you have the added option of using coins earned by playing to reset the board, change jellies around, or clear them. While it does remove frustration, it can also cheapen gameplay a bit. I was both surprised and a little disappointed when I found out I could use coins to clear a certain colored jelly which I needed to clear for a challenge. It wasn't as satisfying as clearing them through clever moves.

If you want something calm to play, Jelly Time may be for you. But for those who want a more fast-paced game, look for one of the bubble games like Kitty Bubbles.


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